Thursday, 4 July 2013


Many people wondered what could have gone wrong with the recent wedding of one of the sons of the General Overseer of the the Deeper Life Bible Church, especially some of us that belong to the so called free or crazy for Jesus settings kind of environment. What is really wrong with this image? Is it the gown, make up, etc? But an average Deeper Lifer knows best and what is actually wrong with the image. In our quest for answer, we were able to gather some facts in the wedding that didnt go down well with the authority of the church that made the newly wedded couple to publicly apologize to the leadership of the church. Here we go:

1. Relaxed hair uncovered. Apart from the fact that the use of an hair cream popularly known as hair relaxer is not accepted among the members of the church, the hair was
actually not fully covered. In deeper life, your hair as woman must be 100% covered.

2. Make up: Thou shall not make up.This is another factor that caused a brohaha among the members in the church. Looking at the image, it was obvious that the lady wore a bit of make up which includes an eye lashes, painting of the lips etc. This is not allowed among members.

3.Ear ring: You don't do this if you must truly belong to the church. it was obvious that the lady put on this and it was not seen funny among members.

4:Transparent Short Sleeve: If every other things are spared, the wedding gown must be thoroughly looked into in the deeper life Bible church. Thou shall not put on a short sleeve wedding gown how much more when it is a bit transparent. The arm of the gown was relatively transparent as we can see from the image.

5. Fitted Wedding gown: Your wedding gown must not be a fitted type if you must be wedded in the church. It must be free, No contour or body figure or size must be revealing. Thou shall not tempt thy brother. So, the wedding gown was a bit of a fitted type.

6. Flower. what is that for? what is the need for the hand flower popularly known a wedding bouque?. This is very common in all weddings but not accepted in the Deeper Life Bible Church.

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