Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I had a brief chat with a middle aged man yesterday evening. He was lamenting the NCC data plan development. Then I asked him. “Sir, with the current situation of the country, what will your desire be in 2019?” He responded in a loud voice “nothing than to vote them out!” I allowed him to land well. I asked again “If you vote them out, who will you bring in?” Then, he suddenly developed a cough flu. He left all to fate.

RULE 1: Never become reasonable with those in charge of your government.

By nature it is natural for the government to throw anything at your table. It is you that must learn to say NO! It was because Nigerians suddenly became unreasonable, that was why the 16 years rule of the PDP had to go. Nigerians refused everything that was sold to them in the last election even without a clear picture of what they were going into. It was just over with their marriage of convenience with PDP.
So, how come have we suddenly become reasonable with the government again? For the first time in history, a fuel pump price moved from N86 to N145 and the economy of this nation was not grounded for just 1 hour. Everybody went about their normal duty. The Power supply tariff went up by 45% and it scaled through also. Even when a reputable court of law said No to the development and called for it immediate reversal. But Nigerians could not support the judge with just on
e day protest just because they had become reasonable with the government. And everybody went about their normal business. When a stamp duty charge was implemented on their finances, Nigerians were the first to say “it has always been in the law” because they had become reasonable.
Please get this! Telling the government No doesn’t mean you don’t understand that there is FOREX challenge and it doesn’t mean you don’t know that the government truly need fund to run projects. It just simply means you are telling the government you cannot be taken for granted by throwing anything at your table to swallow. It shows your presence in government. That is asking your government to take responsibility for every of her promises. Nothing encourages an innovative thinking from the government than this and also encourages them to think outside the box. Telling your child NO doesn’t make you a bad parent. You have only developed a creative thinking in that child that he can always have his demand met through other legitimate means. But we failed in this area. We have sold ourselves too cheap in our desperate quest for change. If care not taking, this NCC development has come to stay.

RULE 2: Do not defend your government except against an external force.

If you tell me you do not know nations whose people defend their government, I will point to you Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. There you will learn the true definition of poverty and underdevelopment. Nations where the people are used to protest and asking questions have good roads and hospitals today. There was 24 hours power supply in Libya when they asked Gadhafi to take a bow. When election is over, you stay on the opposite side. This will help your judgement. It is not a sign of hate but a proof that you truly love the country above those in charge. Government is tenured. But poverty and underdevelopment of the people can outlive their generation if they choose to buy their excuses for inefficiency. If we made this mistake in the past, it is high time we all let go. Many government know this weakness well in their people. This is why the divide and rule tactics have succeeded greatly in Africa.

RULE 3: Do not separate politicians. They are all the same all over the world.

Barack Obama said in 2008 “Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted. If she says this, she would do that”. In 2016, He said same Hillary Clinton was the best thing that could happen to the white house. The Vice President, Prof Yemi Osibajo said weeks ago, “Judiciary is the problem of our development” But he seemed to have forgotten that he was one of those who led Tinubu off the hook of CCT trial on foreign account charges years ago against the same judiciary out of professionalism. If right or wrong, every man has conscience. What goes round comes round. We are all the problems of our current predicament. Follow up your government by asking real questions. It is those who go controversial most time that have the best of information and grow in knowledge. Learn to be different.

RULE 4: Never join anyone to pray for the death of opposition.

PDP may no longer be useful to our national life. But you need them alive to put checks on the current government. Their death is dangerous to our growth and development. Can I shock you a little? Politicians don’t die. Only their party logo and name go into oblivion. The smart ones in PDP have moved into APC to continue life. The old ones have retired into elder statesmen. The remaining few stubborn ones are battling with EFCC on moral issues. So, who is at a loss? The politicians or the people? I guess you will follow me to choose the latter. I think that was the answer the middle aged man could not give me last night.
It is painful. Unfortunately we are in it altogether. You don’t tell a blind man that rain is falling. Shehu Garba responded to the open rebuke of a CPC Chieftain, Alhaji Galadima last week that comes 2019, Buhari will still have the support of the people. Because he knew clearly that the votes in 2019 won’t be based performance but lack of options by the people. Option is currently in comatose .
This is where we are at the moment. We can only hope for the best and that things don’t get more terrible beyond this. We have about two more years to go in this administration. Nigerians need to be less emotional by asking the government laudable questions. This is the way to go. We must continuously show our democratic presence at every point in time.


God bless Nigeria

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