Thursday, 16 February 2017


The former NNPC GMD Andrew Yakubu was alleged to have stolen and kept 9.8M dollars in a safe and Nigerians started screaming at the sight of cash. How much is 9.8M dollars really to those guys at that level? Was it because the EFCC decided to display the funds in cash and what if it came in bank statement?
What if the 12 Billion dollars that was alleged by Lamido Sanusi to have been diverted in the same NNPC was also displayed in cash? What if the 3Trillion that was alleged by Lai muhammed to have been diverted in the past also displayed in Cash? What if the uncountable Abacha loot was also brought in cash? Have we all forgotten that the 12Billion oil wind fall that was said to have disappeared under the Babangida regime was in dollars and not Naira? Won't the Nigerian masses run mad at the sight of these funds if they were all displayed in cash/

Once again, how much is 9.8M dollars really? I think Andrew was even magnanimous in it. Because as at 2014 when he was sacked, both the official and parallel rate were less than N200 to a dollar. Unfortunately, more will still be revealed as I strongly believe that more are still being stolen at the moment. I will advise we begin to drop solutions rather than our usual display of emotion.

The lasting solution to corruption is sustained on a
tested and workable system and not on any mortal man that can be influenced by emotion at any time. This is why as sincere as Buhari could claim in this war against corruption , people like Bashir, Kyari, Buratai, Dambazzu may forever remain on our payroll Just as the same way the likes of Diezani, Stella, Kuku were alleged to be milking the nation in the last regime and nothing seemed to have happened to them.

Any regime that cannot champion a restructure/ Federal system of government cannot claim to be a sincere regime or love the country because that is beginning of our lasting development and progress as a nation. If a particular system of government cannot give us ordinary 5000 Megawatts in 56years, is it not high time we departed from it if we are not truly slaves that revere their Chains?

How long have we be crying over corruption and men that lack character being in the corridors of power? how many more years do we still need to cry more to get out of this mess? Are we not becoming funny as a people? If there is any laudable prayer for Nigeria in our churches and mosques, should it not be for a restructure? Are we not tired of praying same thing for decades and yet the country gets worse daily? Is God now silent over our case? Is the whole thing not beginning to look like a religion to you? If I were you, I will ask God for a more clarity of purpose as far as Nigeria is concerned?

Donald Trump told a journalist in an interview few weeks ago, "If Chicago refuses to sit right, I will send in Feds". That is power. Because he knew the impact the Federal arm will make when things fail beyond state and county levels. Is our Federal might not already abused and rendered impotent. Ordinary clearing of shops in Amuwo Odofin, had to be carried out by a law enforcement team led by our soldiers . No single police officer around. It was that bad.

When you continue with this terrible system of government, people like Andrew, Bashir, Stella, Kyari etc will forever remain on your payroll under the guise of tribal and religious sentiment. Where is Tompolo today with all the allegations on his head and who can arrest him? The Bishop that preached at the thanksgiving of Ibori two days ago referred him as "shining light". Interesting nation, funny people.

The real war against corruption is fought and won effectively at the state and local levels. When your own neighbour begins to develop a sense of belonging to that state revenue, it will be difficult for you to steal it for yourself and family alone. But as long as it remains in Abuja, Tribal consciousness plays the first role in demand and it is first seen as a national cake. The current system breeds corruption, sentiment, nepotism, marginalization, Sabotage and finally underdevelopment and poverty. But, if we continue with this, the same way the people hoped and prayed that things would get better in the 70s and 80s, and that we are praying now in 2017, is the same way another generation will still be praying in 2050s, 2060s etc if Jesus tarries. How we are asking God to take responsibility for he has given us common sense for?

You don’t find sharks in the desert. How come we roll out prayer points daily for cars, house, clothes, shoes, etc when we can just pray for one teaching "money" and all these needs will naturally take place? How come we are trusting God for a stable power supply in a national Grid system? How come we fight over pork in a place that doesn't breed pigs? Can anyone point to me a nation where the type of our system of government is practiced that doesn't have poverty attached to her name? Can you visit Venezuela and not see poverty? How is North Korea doing in global development index? Can you take a walk to Cuba and not redefine human right abuses? This our current system of government has expired. This one can no longer give us 24 hours stable power. Let us change this narrative. The four leprous men said, If we remain here, we would die. If we take the risk, our lives might be spared.
Slaves who don't take risk die in chains.
God bless Nigeria

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