Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Nigeria cannot change from what it is as long the word "development" means different thing to different people. So until we have a system in place that measures development by default in comparison to what is minimally attained in a saner society, we will continue to remain here no matter how long we pray and fast. If God grants prayer just for the sake of it, Nigeria would have been up there. We have always prayed. But it seems the more we pray and prophesy the worse we become. Because my God is too JUST and FAITHFUL to reward laxity.

Until someone in Kaduna pays a visit to his friend in Enugu, returns and fights his governor over the state of things in his state, there won’t be development. Until someone from Oyo returns home on a visit to Zamfara with great curses for those in charge of his state affair, there won’t be stable power supply and hospitals in Oyo state.

When I heard that Governor Ambode was planning
to build 3000 Megawatt so that he could give Lagos 24hours stable power, I laughed profusely because I saw another plan of pouring water inside basket. Or has our electricity structure and distribution system changed now? Do we need to remind Gov Ambode what killed the Enron energy initiative of Alhaji Bola Tunubu? Somebody said, the initiative didn’t work because of the APC/PDP rivalry. I said No! Then, I pointed to our current power distribution structure that killed the beautiful idea. Then I asked myself, what is the current state of power in Abia state with her donation to the National Grid over a decade ago? Same questions went to Rivers and Akwa Ibom.

It is like putting a beautiful ring in the nostrils of a pig. I have been hearings the phrase "IPP project" now for over a decade yet none of them seems to be coming up. We are expecting magic in a system of government that has expired. What happens to a man that shallows an expired drug? He will die if care not taken. That is where we are now.

Do you think these politicians don't really want to work? I don’t think so. Only that no matter how good your intention is, you can't succeed on a wrong system. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar seems to be the only one who understands the importance of a Federal system of government where competition among states brings development, power, jobs, security etc or others are pretending? Only time will tell.
The current government promised us 20000 Megawatt of electricity by 2019 at an average of 5000 Megawatt yearly. There was nothing wrong with the promise. Not over ambitious as people say but they didn't look at the platform they wanted to run on very well. Today and two years into the regime, they cannot even sustain the mediocrity they met on ground how much more building on it. This system of government has expired.

We complained of padded budget last year, this year, we are still complaining. 2018, 2019 we will still complain the laptops and kitchen equipment because the Amalekites cannot be suppressed but expunged in order to have a permanent peace in the land. This system of government has expired. Our population is too large for the current system.

Only one thing is the solution and that is my campaign where ever I find myself. “True Federalism”. Enough of no light, no schools, no hospital, no road slogans in our protest.
Any system of government that cannot even give you 5000 Megawatts in 57 years cannot guarantee you 50000 Megawatt in 1000 years. It is a statement of fact.
Let us change this weak narrative of no this, no that. One voice, one purpose and one future.
True Federalism. That should be our campaign, logo and rally. That is the foundation that will bring the rest by default.

Enough of jokes pls‎.

God bless Nigeria

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